Our Objectives

Is to encourage and promote girl child education and women empowerment

CGEE, is committed and dedicated to encouraging and promoting girl child education by identifying the less privileged ones and enrolling them in schools and offering free education / scholarships to them, funding them from primary up to university level. We organize seminars / workshops toward sensitizing the rural areas on the importance of girl child education.

CGEE, identifies less privileged women and widows, support them with grants to start small scale business. We seek to partner with donor agencies, corporate organizations and spirited individuals for assistance (financial or otherwise) to enable us achieve our objectives.

Why Support Us?

  • The Nigeria Digest of Education Statistics (NDES) released by the Federal Ministry of Education indicated that more than 10 million children are out of school and about 60% of these out of school children are girls. Furthermore, with a completion rate of 64%, 39% and 29% for girls in primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary School respectively, many girls who do enroll drop out early. It is an undisputed fact that women are the builders of home/families. The more educated and empowered women are, the better for the family and society at large.


    This is why we are channeling resources towards building and helping people achieve their goals in life with focus on educating the girl child and empowering the less privileged women. Your support to the Organization will ensure a better society for all and sundry.

  • The establishment of the organization was borne out of the necessity to ensuring a better society, promising future and making the World a better place for all and sundry. It is believed that women are the builders of homes/families. The more educated and empowered women are, the better the families and the society at large. This is the philosophy behind the establishment of the organization – Educated Girls Lead to Empowered Societies.

    The Organization activities/operations is presently being funded by contributions from the members of the Board of Trustees. Before the establishment of the Organization, some members of the Board of Trustees have been engaging in humanitarian gesture especially in the area of providing scholarship for the less privileged in the Society.


Testimonies from SOME of the beneficiaries

Here are the testimonies of the girls and women benefiting.

A pastor friend to my family introduced me to CGEE. They are practicing the true religion which is taking care of orphans and widows and are actually impacting on the future of our society. Thank  you for standing in.

Leah Akila -0816 xxxx 531

When my husband died 3 years ago, I thought my dreams of seeing my two girls going through school was dead, till someone came and introduced me to CGEE. I thought it wasn’t for real until I saw them actually going to school and will continued to

Maryam Lawan -0704 xxxx 014

When my husband died. my daughter was barely 7 years and in primary 2. Mr. Jimmy, the founder of CGEE took over her education and welfare. Today she is in SS1. She attends Bethel International Sch in Rayfield. I really thank God for bringing these people my way.

Mrs. Lucky Thomas -0814 xxxx 529


… a staunch believer in education for all.

Lilian Phillips - Board member

… a staunch believer in education for all especially the girl child.

Jimmy Olugbenga Akinpitan - Board member

… an administrator and a staunch believer in education for all.

Catherine Jimmy Akinpitan - Board member

… passionate about helping the poor.

Ahmed Jibril Suleiman - Board member

… a staunch believer in education for all and helping the poor

Femi Diya Kayode - Board member